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Saddest Music in the World

"By the time the finals roll around, the production number is an incredible melting pot of musical styles (Christopher Dedrick's music is truly exemplary)." Natural Born Viewers -Jeremy Gable's Rating and Review

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"Christopher Dedrick's resume is the epitome of eclecticism...That diversity has helped to make him one of Canada's most sought-after film and television composers." "His scores for such acclaimed movies as Childstar, Million Dollar Babies and The Saddest Music in the World have run the gamut from Wagnerian bombast and giddy vintage jazz to surreal and sorrowful strains of exotic world music. His calling card is always acoustic performance." Words and Music Magazine - Nicholas Jennings



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"Like most great musicals, though this one slides, with breathtaking ease, from silliness to pathos and freely mixes exquisiteness and absurdity. Ms. De Medeiros' rendition of "The Song is You", one of several versions of that Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern chestnut heard in the film, is as delicate and lovely as Ms. De Medeiros herself, an effect that is somehow heightened by a background chorus of Soviet hockey players. The movie's title is an apt description of Christopher Dedrick's score, which lends resonant feeling to scenes that otherwise might be merely outlandish or grotesque." New York Times Review - A.O. Scott on the Saddest Music in the World

"... his current film score work is nothing if not versatile, running from full-blown overtures to moody soundscapes." enRoute Magazine - Nick Rockel

"All arrangements are by Christopher Dedrick and they are quite tasty. He never strays too far from the original versions of the songs, but the two trumpets, French horn, trombone, and tuba take these tunes to another place. There are some fantasia-like intros to four of the selections that are mysteriously appropriate - without evoking anything remotely Beatlesque, Dedrick manages to write some preludes that George Martin would have been proud of. Highly recommended." Bozo Mark's Hot Picks in the CD Player (All You Need is Love)

"Never before released folk/rock album recorded by the brain of the sunshine-poppers Free Design, recorded in 1972, this lost gem is haunting and moving at the same time because of the extremely beautiful arrangements and female vocals and harmonies." - The Freak Emporium on the Be Free re-issue (renamed Wishes)