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Linear Roots
Major concert piece written for Canadian Brass and Nexus, performed at Glenn Gould Studio and on CBC RADIO AND TV
Canadian Brass and Nexus Brass, commission
Orchestrations of 20 Arrogant Worms songs for their concert with the Edmonton Symphony Arrogant Works Orchestra, commission
Entre Nous Canadian Brass Double Brass Quintet, commission
Father, Mother, Child Elmer Iseler Singers & Canadian Brass Choral & Brass, commission
From Afar Douglas Perry / Marie Berard Viola and Violin, commission
Bela's Violin Francois Chalogany Cello and Piano, commission
Huntsville Festival Fanfare Canadian Brass Brass Quintet, commission
Bernstein Tribute   Brass, commission
Awakenings - commissioned by the Ontario Arts Council Mississauga Symphony Orchestra Violin/Viola Concerto, commission
A Simple Life The Menlo Brass Quintet Brass, commission
Joy Sounds Elmer Isler Singers Choral, commission
On Blue Hill Springville-Griffith Institute Orchestra and Choir, commission
Hitler: The Rise of Evil TV Movie Orchestrator
Brighton Beach Memoirs Film Orchestrator
Chiefs Film Orchestrator
Consenting Adults Film Orchestrator
First Born Film Orchestrator
Destiny In Space IMAX Film Orchestrator
Dieppe Film Orchestrator
Dream Lover Film Orchestrator
The Endurance Film Orchestrator
Black Widow Film Orchestrator
The Ice Storm Film Orchestrator
Jaws: The Revenge Film Orchestrator
Matusalem Film Orchestrator
Mobsters Film Orchestrator
Mountains of the Moon Film Orchestrator
Nero Wolfe Series Series Orchestrator
Rupert Kids Orchestrator
Poodle Springs Film Orchestrator
Alex Haley's Queen Film Orchestrator
1969 Film Orchestrator
See You In The Morning Film Orchestrator
Wagons East! Film Orchestrator
Shades of Innocence Rebecca Whelan Production / Arranging
Shades of Black OST Production / Arranging
Brought To My Knees Tom LeMay Production / Arranging
Christmas Joe Dolce Production / Arranging
Visionary World Various Artists Production / Arranging
Bright Eyes Melissa Mancheser Production / Arranging
Warm, Wild & Wonderful Tony Mottola Production / Arranging
And So It Goes Giles Tomkins Production / Arranging
There Is A Breeze Michael Johnson Production / Arranging
Song My Mother Taught Me Joan Watson Production / Arranging
Buttercup Bugle Lori Cullen Production / Arranging