Releasing Rage

We ran to see the setting sun;

the brilliant gold had just begun

to paint the clouds in purple sheen

and silhouette the trees between.

The summer air was sweet to taste;

the dew was pure, wild flowers chaste…

while all of these looked after me,

my silent heart raged inwardly.

The woods, the birds, the little brook

were listening, but I mistook

the smashing of a family plate

for what my nature could create.

Who knew some fear I’d held within

would paralyze, like next of kin –

behind the quiet song I’d sung –

the notes to ear, the words to tongue,

behind the need to feel a kiss,

to scream out loud or just dismiss

the thought that I could know my worth

through any witness on this earth?

The noose of that around my neck

is loose now before sun is set;

the nails of this false crucifix

release my hands, restore my wrists.

The symbols branded in my bone

are exorcised, I’m left alone

with those whose souls I can embrace,

those sound in body, true in face.

We watch where we’ve not watched before

the book laid down by open door;

the words have fallen off the chair,

and now there’s music in the air.

We sense the power of a smile

and how it feels to rest a while;

the edgy vows we’ve sworn before

dissolve like salt and bind no more:

where once the contracts of the dead,

who walked the halls where they were led,

were iron collars ‘round my neck,

now crystals there adorn, protect.

The solstice sunset music fair,

the subtle strings of joy prepare

my heart to hear, my soul to dance,

my lips to sing divine romance.

Oh, I love balance, beauty, bliss,

wellness, peace, the light caress

of every breath that enters me

and turns and sets this power free!

Christopher Dedrick

© June 21, 2009

Lamplighter Music Publishing Co.