But a Spark        
I just learned to listen
Not very well, but a start
First the skill
Someday the art
And so I hear you
More than I could before now
I woke up
Don’t know just how
It was there in your singing
An arrow from the void
I just turned ‘round to feel it
My armor was destroyed
I don’t know how to tell you
How inadequate, till now
Were all my vague conceptions
Of what you are about
It just came upon me
Not in a flash, but a spark
In my eye
Out of the dark
I began to find you
Unfamiliar, and I knew
I’d made up…
Don’t know just who
Is there something to count on
A ring that one can hold
When veils of misperception
Show brass where there is gold?
I don’t know how to thank you
For getting past my wall
You sang out as a trumpet
Like Jericho I fall
I must learn to show you
Not in a word, but a deed
That your song
Somehow has freed
Something inside me
That had been yearning for air
I inhaled
Your voice was there
Dedicated to Lori Cullen

Chris Dedrick
c copyright Lamplighter Music Publishing Co. 
all rights reserved