Carried on the Silvery Tones of Sandy’s Wind Chimes

Carried on the silvery tones of wind chimes at my door

To a place within my consciousness of sublime metaphor,

My sense of what is now expands like sound waves from the bells,

The endless wind and water sing me where the spirit dwells.

It’s all alive today, every sound and every sight:

The Tucson sun, the Tuscan hills, the Toucan colored bright,

The wink, the kiss, the pain, the bliss that brought me to my knees

Are present in this moment, not as thought or memories –

They’re all alive now just as my tomorrow drops its veils.

The hopes, the yearning sacraments, the distant heaven pales.

Worrying and scurrying to get to what is next

Dissolves into a landscape that a new-found peace projects

Where… the chimes touched by the wind today, visiting my door

Play elegant duets in perfect sync with those from yore.

Everyone I’ve ever known is singing in my ear,

All because the scope of Now is infinitely here.

  • Chris Dedrick
c copyright 2020 All rights reserved

This poem was set to music by Chris 
and was recorded by Sandra Dedrick. 
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