Finally the report comes back from Germany from the “Molecular Oncology Test”. It’s an impressive document. Basically,they isolate tumor cells in the blood samples, and from those and other cells get a whole lot of information that leads to conclusions about what therapies will be most effective in defeating the individual’s cancer. Now this information will be studied by doctors in Toronto and Dr. Herzog in Germany. Interestingly, Hyperthermia – a main feature of the Herzog clinic – is on the list of best cures. I imagine the course of action will be to return there and have one or two of the indicated chemotherapies with hyperthermia, which means the chemo can be given in more moderate doses. For how long, how many times, in what methods, I don’t know. Or maybe something else will emerge – wouldn’t it be nice to skip the poisons!

I had another deep experience with “energy work” this last week and have been thinking of recapping what the last two years has offered in that strange and wonderful field. I listed mostly physical therapies last week, but I don’t think any of them can work for me without getting the underlying energies purified, flowing, and balanced.

It began inwardly with the acceptance that my diagnosis was not just some bad luck, but an invitation (however impolite and insistent) to change my life for the better. I had long studied the tenets of the Ideal Life and at least some of what could be observed about my life situation seemed quite in line with those. Unfortunately – I was grossly unconscious of the deeper goings-on. Let’s face it, most of what we think and do is in avoidance of any such awareness and the inconveniences of seeing too much!

At the Hippocrates Health Institute a few months later: two sessions with one of their counsellors, well-trained psychologists, each with lots of different types of degrees. My philosophical bias told me these “dealing with stress” sessions would be a waste of time; I wanted to work on higher levels than the emotional and mental. I didn’t really like psychologists – much the way musicologists don’t really like musicians. Fortunately Moira and I engaged the therapist in some honest conversation, and the results were life-changing. The beginning of a new adventure in being real – not Real, in the sense of never changing, but real in the sense of no longer covering up the evidence, and finding direct observation to be a very energizing experience. If you go there, just do it.√*

For many years we have been seeing Dr. Wayne Scott, chiropractor, D.N., Kinesiology adept, Body Talk practitioner, head of the Scott Health Centre in Woodbridge, Ontario. He is an energy healer and a spiritual force. Unfortunately he is not generally taking new clients, but others at his Centre are very good. We know Linda Brown there.√* (Just Google it.)

Some practitioners in this diverse field use mechanical equipment. I had treatments with the V.I.B.E. machine and quantum bio feedback with David Kennet at Vibrancy ( Now David is also doing amazing work relieving allergies and intolerances, as well as healing/energizing with sound and music and voice.√*

This is major: We had the good fortune of being introduced to Deena Spear who does energy healing and tuning for all living beings, including violins, violas and ‘cellos. Starting with the “Prelude to the Ice Cream Cone Energy Egg” and continuing to this day, Deena’s insights, exercises, and cosmic humor have been a major force in freeing me from an incredible amount of previous limiting subcutaneous beliefs and brainwashing. Check out the Singing Woods link and buy her wonderful book, “Ears of the Angels”. Yes, this is one of those things that appear at the edge of the spectrum of everyday sanity, but the experience you have with her is your own and needs no apologies.√*

I mentioned the “Journey” work last week and will put the link up. Alain Zumbach is now working out of Orangeville, and this is a powerful experience.√*

I’ve mentioned Tuina massage, which is a very physical thing, but the physical is, of course, energy, and there is a strong intuitive aspect to this kind of work. So I’m putting the link to “Nancy”, whose Well-Being clinic is in Toronto. She is very gifted.√* The other kind of energy massage I’ve experienced is a shiatsu-based treatment given by Tom Ballantine from Georgetown, Ontario. Very good for mind and body, posture and energy.√* These two have no websites (that I know of) but I’ll be happy to give coordinates to anyone who emails me about them.

This week in Toronto I met Mary Fisk who does energy work based in Reiki massage. Again, the label or starting point for the process is not all that important. You only know from what happens. I had been feeling that I needed some help – some of the things I have been aware of and working on just didn’t seem to be clearing. Mary appeared, her readings/insights built from and supported Deena’s, her physical presence and energy-guiding gestures were powerful. I turned a corner that I needed to turn – for my own health and happiness. I understood better things that Deena and others had said, and new realizations came to me quite spontaneously. Moira saw a big difference in me afterward.√*

There is a lot out there these days – trying to make up for the complete lack of this side of our education from days gone by. I put these connections out there because I have experienced them first hand and can vouch. I think there is a long list of mediocre therapists in every locale – but what anyone needs will likely appear, if the vision is tuned. All of the ones I mention have something essential in common: there is a profound humility because of a real awareness of the power of Life and Love – aspects of experience that we tend to ignore or put down, or even give eloquent lip-service to – all in an effort to avoid being the unusual creatures we really are because we might not be easily accepted by our practical, intelligent peers.

I’m happy to answer questions about my experience with any of these therapists, but to go into details about these happenings will have to be reserved for one of my books, promised for publication in the not-so-near future. Science is now (and has been for some decades) proving that the assertions of the mystics are as solid as any of the natural laws and forces that are long accepted. As this science is seeping out into the public awareness, skeptics are being mowed down. I’m not sure what will happen to Republicans (or Conservatives in Canada). I’ll vote Sufism.

Yesterday I played tennis for the first time in a couple of years. A little weak in the legs, but an hour went by quickly and left me still standing, moving, flailing, and feeling grateful to Bob W. for hitting with me.

This week I received a most beautiful recording from fellow-composer in Poland, Jacek Sykulski. This piece he has written for choir and orchestra is sensitive, powerful, glorious. A tone poem for freedom. Some of you know he lived with us for a year some 20 years ago when he was still a student. Another long story – another chapter for that imagined book; it’s very good to be in touch with him again. What is the lesson? That the separate self is illusion – just as the great teachers and mystics (and folk singers) have postulated.

I’ve finished the track for my January song to go to Gwen and Berend in Amsterdam (whoops, it’s already February). I’m just not happy with the melody yet – a rather important detail. It’s close now.

Here is an early sketch (if it actually appears) – what I have seen in meditation as an image for the inner healing force (no work of art, but an answer to Greg, a visual artist who likes to “see” things):
Inner Healer

Best to all,